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Cultúr Ársa na nGael don 21ú hAois / Ancient Irish Culture for the 21th Century


Cló an Druaidh / The Druid Press, branded as "IrishTribes . com", has been created to engage in and publish new, classic, and exciting research, books, and media in Irish and English about the history, genealogy, law, language, ancient and modern storytelling, mythology, ancient druidry, prophet-poetry, bardic poetry, ecclesiastical learning, and living tradition of Gaelic Ireland, both ancient and modern. 




Celtic Studies is the study of all the Celts, both ancient and modern.  Until the 17th Century, Seanchas was defined as the combination of law, history, and genealogy - the interwoven foundation of Gaelic society.  We engage in ground-breaking research in Seanchas and Celtic Studies.




We publish books filled with amazing facts about our fields of research.  Much of the information we publish is otherwise available only in ancient manuscripts or centuries-old primary source documents, and nowhere else.




We write and provide free articles about ancient Irish Seanchas and the Irish Celts.  The articles fall into the following categories.


* the original levels of education in the scoileanna druidheachta (schools of druidry):


     Bárdachas / Praise-Poetry

     Filidheacht / Prophet-Poetry

     Druidheacht / Druidry


* the original, major divisions of Seanchas taught in the scoileanna filidheachta (schools of prophet-poetry, a.k.a., bardic schools) and in the scoileanna seanchasa (schools of seanchas) until the 17th century:


     Féineachas / Brehon Law

     Stair / History

     Ginealas / Genealogy


* the major divisions of scéalaíocht (storytelling), both ancient and modern:


     Scéalaidheacht / Ancient Epic Tales

     Fiannaidheacht / Fenian Tales and Lays

     Béaloideas / Irish Folklore


* the additional medieval schools of learning:


     Liacht / Medieval Irish Medicine - scoileanna liachta - schools of medicine

     Léann Eaglasta / Irish Ecclesiastical Learning - scoileanna eaglasta - monastic schools


* Gaeilge / Irish Language (Gaelic) - the foundation and river of these traditions






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Cló an Druaidh / The Druid Press


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