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Beidh na hailt seo anseo go luath.  Tá cuid díobh anseo cheana féin!  


These articles will be here soon.  Some are here already!



The Importance of Genealogy in Gaelic Society


The Importance of the Irish Language in Genealogical Research


Celtic Scholars Talk About Ancient Irish Kinships


A Window on Early Christian Ireland


How Far Back Do Irish Genealogies Go?


What Early Irish Genealogical Research Requires


Irish Seanchas – Much More Than a Genealogy


Did Martha Washington Have Irish-American Slaves?


An Gorta Mór – The Great Hunger - Genocide on a Long Fuse


The Unique Nature of Gaelic Culture


The Role of Mothers in Ancient Gaelic Society - the Story of Áine


The Role of Mothers in Ancient Gaelic Society - the Story of Mongfind


Election of Irish Kings and Leaders


Gaelic Lordship vs. Feudal Lordship


Keening and Other Old Irish Musics


Ancestor-Gods of the Irish


Descendants of the Celtic Tribes of Ireland


The Irish and Religion in Colonial New York


Fir Bolg – Gods, Demons, or Men?


The Meaning of the Name ‘Fir Bolg’


The Destruction of the Native Gaelic Education System


Reconstruction of the Lost Celtic Creation Myth


“Non-Parental Events” in Irish and Scottish DNA


Celtic Saints and Celtic Christianity


Féinius Farsaidh – Ancestor of the Gaeil


The Gaelic World and the Rise of the Dialects


Language Reversal – Why Irish Declined


Language Reversal – Understanding the Revival


Who are the Gaeil?


Who are the Celts?


Who Were the Ancient Druids?


How the Gaeil Dressed in the 16th Century


Sex and Marriage in Gaelic Ireland


Celts, Germans, Jews & Other Surprises at Roanoke


An Luath-Chríostaíocht in Éirinn / Early Christianity in Ireland

Béaloideas / Oral Tradition

Féineachas / Brehon Law

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